Christmas Countdown Smallscrafts special offers

Christmas 2017

Hello and a Happy Christmas from SmallsCrafts.

Just a quick note to let you know about our Christmas Countdown!

Every day, since Sunday 10th December we have selected one item to be reduced by 20% and will remain reduced until Christmas Eve!

The items are available on-line or and in our bricks and mortar shop – Neath Valley Wools in Glynneath, Neath.

The daily new offer can be viewed on our Facebook page and on the Christmas Countdown section of our online shop.

Here is a selection of what is currently available:


Hope you enjoy the Christmas Countdown and find something you are looking for.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2018 x

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June 2017 One Month On

                                                                                                                                                                Wow!, I can’t believe we have been open on the High Street for nearly one month!         And what a month……..!

We have had some amazing support and positive comments from our customers:

it’s like a sweet shop, but for knitters”

“so many colours”, “too much choice”

From running an on-line store for a number of years, it was a bit unnerving to start interacting with my customers on a more personnel level, face to face! It has been fun, there are so many lovely knitters, crocheters and cross stitchers out there.

Here are some images of the shop:

In the tradition of continuing to offer new choices to our customers, we have been busy receiving and adding lots of items to our stock:

   Fabulous books by The Crochet Project

   Lovely new wool from West Yorkshire Spinners

    Lots and lots of beads!

I am at the moment adding the beads to both our websites: and, quite a lengthy process – 60 different colours! I have done 10 so far, it’s going to be a long process, just keep supplying the coffee 🙂

See you soon, you will find me at 75 High Street, Glynneath, Neath SA11 5AL.

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Post Opening and Yarn Shop Day

We are nearly one whole week old – that is our bricks and mortar shop “Neath Valley Wools”.

Located on the Glynneath High Street, in the beautiful Neath Valley and just a stone throw from the A465 (Heads of the Valley Road) we are really easy to find.

We opened our doors last Saturday for the first time and in time for Yarn Shop Day! and it was lovely. Customers were queuing for us to open – which was a very welcome sight. My little daughter did the honours and cut the ribbon and invited the people waiting into the shop.

A friend and knitting designer, Donna of Donna Jones Designs was on hand for advice and book signing.

Lots of customers were so happy to have a wool shop back in Glynneath! Through out the day there was so much positive feedback 🙂

My Mum came across to help out along with my two daughters and Husband, Dave.

We had a cake made for the day by a talented lady in Neath: RachiesCakes and my Mum and sister-in-law brought along lots of cupcakes and Welsh cakes.

There was a raffle, one of the prizes, her Elements pattern book donated by Donna.



The day turned out to be very busy, by the end of the day I was exhausted but very happy.

Here are some photos from the day:


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New Openings and Yarn Shop Day

After all these years of running an on-line store sell wool, cross stitch kits etc. – it’s been over 10 years! (where has the time gone?) – I’m pleased to announce (drum roll) that we are finally opening our bricks and mortar shop this Saturday, 6th May!

The opening is being run alongside Yarn Shop Day:









The shop, Neath Valley Wools, is located on the Glynneath High Street, Neath, South Wales, will be opening at 10am until 4pm. There will be cake to help with the celebration as well as a shop full of wool! Donna (of Donna Jones Designs), a good friend and an ace knitting pattern designer, will be on hand for advice, knitting tips and a good natter.

It’s been a long journey, and with lots of support from my Husband and family I am about to start a new chapter in my life, and see the fruition of a long held dream.

I do hope you will join us on the day x


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June 2016

What a stressful few weeks its been – my eldest daughter has just finished sitting her ‘A’ levels (fingers crossed she’s done enough to get into Uni), and my ‘baby’ daughter has just turned 11! and is looking forward to starting Senior School in September – like when did that happen??

Unfortunately, also this week Wales did vote to leave the EU, but please remember not all white welsh people over a certain age voted to leave. Like lots of people (48% of us), I am worried about what this means to the younger generation and to Wales. However, this is democratic country (unlike so many other countries) so we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and start all over again! But to all my customers in Europe and the USA, there has never been a better time for you to stock up your stash and your trade is still welcome. So keep knitting! 🙂

In my last blog I mentioned we were going to stock wool from West Yorkshire Spinners. Well, the Cocktail Range (4ply) has arrived, and its gorgeous!

WYS 4ply cocktail







Which is your favourite ?

Signature 4ply - Rum Paradise- Lifestyle Signature 4ply - Sherbet Fizz- lifestyle Signature 4ply -Tequila Sunrise - Lifestyle Signature 4ply- Mojito- Lifestyle Signature 4ply- Passionfruit Cooler-2 Signature 4ply - Blue Lagoon- Lifestyle









We are working hard to open our store in Glynneath later this year, so exciting 🙂

I am looking at lots of new wools to stock, details will be released soon.

So keep smiling, knitting and stitching!


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Toe Up Workshop and other information

I would love to say the weather is improving now its Spring, but it’s still raining!

I pulled out my raincoat on Saturday and took myself down to Swansea to a Toe Up Sock workshop organised by  the lovely Donna Jones of DonnaJonesDesigns and taught by her friend and colleague designer and teacher Alison Crowther-Smith.

Needless to say I really enjoyed the day, and learnt so many new techniques; knitting with 2 cable needles, knitting toe up, making a heel with hardly any effort and no gusset! a twisted rib (looks so good), casting off with such a pretty method, and how to knit with beads.

20160523_142212_HDR 20160521_144621_HDRHere is a picture of a completed mini sock swatch, and a second one I have since started. Such a good way to use up small balls of left over yarn – I can see a sock bunting in the making 🙂

The other picture is the cupcake I was ‘forced’ to eat! – well Donna brought them along and it seemed a shame to let it go to waste, it was lovely too 🙂

News on the shop? we are working hard to upgrade the websites and to make the transition into a brick and mortar shop as smooth as possible. I’ve lately been let lose with a barcode reader, so I have been busy zapping all the balls of wools. I have been working on upgrading the images for our knitting patterns. If you get the chance take a look.

We are still aiming for a September opening, but I will announce a date nearer the time, so follow us on twitter or Facebook for all the up to date news.

The bit I am enjoying the most about opening a shop the most is looking at all the gorgeous wools to stock.

The breaking news here is that we will soon have the West Yorkshire Spinners 4ply Cocktail range in stock, and I’m sure the aran will be winging its way here soon – so much choice and so many colours………………!

WYS 4ply cocktail








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April 2016

Hello, hope you all had a good and relaxing Easter. The time has flown, schools go back tomorrow (Tuesday in our case – inset day), and spring is well under way. The April showers have been something! I’ve been trying to sort out the garden (between the showers) 🙂

We’ve been busy on the online store – we have stared socking the new Zenbroidery kits:

Zenbroidery copy40054006





From Design Works Crafts inc. “Zenbroidery” the art of free-form Stitching.

Stamped for embroidery on polyester/cotton fabric – so let your inner creativity take flight as you stitch it, paint it, decorate it, the picture will be quite unique.

Included is a scannable code that you can use online for more instructions and ideas.

Packs of threads, sequins and beads are also available to purchase separately.

These Zenbroidery kits are proving to be very popular.

4011 4024 4002





Staying on the subject of stitching we have just reduced the cost of our Bothy Thread kits by 20%, for one week only!

Bothy Threads Logo XGR2 Lazy Dogs rainbow cupcakes






Lots of new yarn has been arriving here recently. Have you seen the new Cotton Denim yarn from Debbie Bliss? It is a soft 100% cotton which comes in a range of blues and sorbet pastels, and knits as a double knit and is perfect for all seasons.

10-Rose__2_ DB cotton 02-NewDenim DB cotton 03-TrueBlue





We are now stocking these beautiful hand painted bamboo Crochet Hooks from DMC:

DMC crochet hook image








Lots of changes are going on here at SmallsCrafts. We are busy upgrading the website – still on going. Lots of the back ground work we are doing on the website is to ease the progression of becoming a ‘proper’ high street store.

News on opening? we have no set date yet for opening but we are aiming for September – this year! so excited!! 🙂

More update to follow, soon……………………… 🙂


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February 29th 2016

Just a quick word to let you know about our latest addition – British Wool by baa ram ewe.

baa-ram-ewe-stacked-logo_21682137783_o baaramewe parcel

I’m so excited about stocking this wonderful brand of British wool.

Produced in Yorkshire, one of baa ram ewe’s brands Titus is a stunning, luxurious natural 4 ply with a Yorkshire accent. With beautiful long Rastafarian locks, this gives the yarn a gorgeous silky drape often hard to find in wool, then blended with the finest of all the British sheep Breeds, the Bluefaced Leicester, and added the finest British Alpaca.

bre Titus

baa ram ewe’s second brand, that we have also started to stock, Dovestone DK celebrates another local breed, the Masham.

Yorkshire farmers have long known the mix of the local Masham sheep breed and the Bluefaced Leicester is a special one, highly prized for its meat across the country and the world. But blending the fleece of these two magnificent breeds, along with the drape of the Wensleydale, creates something truly special too.

bre Dovestone

We are also stocking one of their pattern books:

bre dovestone smallholding frontcover

This is a gorgeous book using Dovestock DK, full of farm animals to knit for a little one, or yourself of course 🙂


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February 2016

Hello, sorry for the long absence.

We have been updating the store, making it mobile/tablet friendly. What do you think?

We still have some tidying up to do, but we are getting there 🙂

We have also changed our logo:

NV Wool logo jan 2016

You’ll find this little fella on our SmallsCrafts and NeathValleyWool website. He hasn’t been given a name yet, any suggestions?

Apart from redesigning the website we have also been stocking some fabulous new yarns:

the new Luxury sock yarn from Debbie Bliss – Rialto Luxury Sock Yarn, and is proving to be very popular 🙂

Rialto luxury sock yarn 05-Mutek__1_

Other new arrivals include some gorgeous cotton/linen yarn from Juniper Moon Farm – Zooey, ideal for the coming Summer months. Also an addition to our Ella Rae Cozy Bamboo yarn, we are now stocking Ella Rae Cozy Bamboo Prints:


We have started stocking wool by Mirasol – “the Mirasol Project supports local communities in Peru through the sales of the Mirasol Yarn Collection. The Mirasol Yarn Collection includes yarns made from the animals bred by these communities for generations in the Peruvian highlands. Without them we would not have this beautiful yarn. By purchasing the Mirasol Yarn Collection you will be supporting the shepherds and their families ensuring the continuation of this tradition.”

007-TwilightMirasol Hachito

More yarn from Mirasol will be coming to SmallsCrafts / Neath Valley Wools very soon 🙂

We are busy revamping our knitting needle section, and have been adding to our Knit Pro needles.

You will find a selection of short fixed length Knit Pro Symfonie circular needles – ideal for socks or other small projects. We are adding Knit Pro DPN’s (ideal for socks). I have to be honest I do prefer DPN’s for socks. We have also just received some of the Knit Pro special (short, stubby)  interchangeable needles in Symfonie and Karbonz, still to be added to the store!

I’m of to a trade show this weekend, so watch out for updates over the coming weeks as I’m sure lots of new and yummy yarns will be coming to SmallsCrafts / NeathValleyWools.



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Did you know we have started a new website shop: – the name to reflect the name of the High Street store we will be opening next year.

We are now publishing a blog on that website, on a regular(ish) basis.

In case you missed our last ramblings read on:

Hooks and Needles

I have been slowly adding to the Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles that we stock. Most of our stock is still listed on our SmallsCrafts website. It is proving to be quite a length process transferring stock on to a new website!

We have a good range of Crochet Hooks and needles by Knit Pro and Brittany. Both very different, wood vs metal, both high quality.

Recently I have been asked about stocking hooks and needles by Addi. Much to my delight some Addi samples dropped through my letter box this week 🙂 and just in time for some projects I want to start.

Addi hooks

The samples include the Addi Crochet Hook and the ergonomic Swing Hook, both come colour coded. Also some straight needles – bamboo and metal.

Made in Germany, Addi needles have a good reputation. Have any of you used any of the Addi range? What did you think?

I will report back to how I get on with these needles/hooks, but I suspect I will be stocking some soon.

Knit Pro recently bought out a new range of needles: Zing

The new needles from Knit Pro that come  in a vast range of bright metallic colours, specific to different sizes, have beautiful silver tips, and a perfect finish. These needles are sure to to become the style statement for any discerning knitter.!


We have got some of these sets in stock – they will make gorgeous Christmas gifts.

Knit Pro Zing Single Pointed Needle Set 30cmKnit Pro Zing DPN set 15cm





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